Workers posted from Finland

Lähetetyt työntekijät
This section is about so-called posted workers, i.e. workers sent by a Finnish employer on a temporary posting to another Nordic country.

Unemployment insurance and social security

If your employer posts you to another Nordic country, you can remain covered by the unemployment insurance of your home country. A posted worker is deemed to be a person who is posted by does paid work for a Finnish employer and receives pay from that employer, is covered by the social security of the home country and whose foreign posting is temporary.

An employee posted to another Nordic country needs to take along a certificate of coverage by the Finnish social security system (e.g. A1). The certificate allows both the employer and employee to be exempted from insurance contributions in the country of employment and therefore avoid paying double contributions. So all the statutory social insurance contributions for a person with Finnish social security coverage are paid to Finland.

The employer applies for a posted worker certificate from the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

More information from the Finnish Centre for Pensions and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

Social security coverage for family members

Family members accompanying a posted worker abroad should inform the Social Insurance Institution of Finland that they are going abroad and you can get more information from Kela.

Medical treatment

Workers posted to another Nordic country and their family members are entitled to medically necessary treatment during a temporary stay (less than a year) on the same conditions as residents of the country of employment. Go to the links to read more about different countries.

Workers posted from Finland to another Nordic country and their family members are also entitled public health care services even if their municipality of residence is not in Finland. In this case they can ask Kela for a "certificate of entitlement to treatment benefits in Finland” to prove their right to health care services.

More information from Kela’s Centre for International Affairs.

Taxation of work abroad

If your employer in your country of residence posts you to work in another Nordic country, the employer or you yourself must notify the employment to the Tax Administration. More information from the Tax Administration.

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