About the Nordic Council of Ministers for Digitalisation (MR-DIGITAL)

MR-DIGITAL has been established as an ad hoc council of ministers for a four-year period from 2017 to 2020. It will promote a cohesive and integrated digital Nordic Region for the benefit of the region’s residents, businesses, and public administrations.


One of the foundations for co-operation on digitalisation is the joint declaration made by Nordic and Baltic ministers at a ministerial meeting during Digital North. The declaration expressed a desire to strengthen digital co-operation in the region and to leverage its leading position in order to spearhead the realisation of a digital single market and to develop a cohesive digital infrastructure in the region for the benefit of its residents, businesses, and public administrations. In co-operation with other relevant councils of ministers, MR-DIGITAL is responsible for following up on the initiatives of the three objectives of the ministerial declaration:

  1. to bolster the Nordic and Baltic countries’ digital adaptability by way of, for instance, the creation of an integrated region for transnational digital services in the public sector;
  2. to increase the competitiveness of the region’s businesses through digitalisation; and
  3. to work together to implement the objectives of the Digital Single Market in the Nordic-Baltic region with special emphasis on promoting the development of borderless digital services.

[Read the full declaration here.]


MR-DIGITAL is expected to meet once or twice a year. The country holding the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers will host and chair the meetings.  The Baltic countries will be invited to participate in meetings and to act as a partner in joint projects as much as possible.

A national point of contact in the form of a senior public official will be set up in relation to MR-DIGITAL to ensure progress in efforts to realise the objectives of the ministerial declaration.