Co-operation programmes (MR-A)

The MR-A programme 2018–2021 outlines the strategic focus for formal inter-governmental co-operation on the working environment. It focuses on the long-term challenges posed by globalisation and demographic trends as well as the challenges posed by the economy during the period

Programme for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Co-operation on Labour 2018-2021

The joint Nordic labour market is one of the cornerstones of Nordic co-operation. A large and skilled workforce is our most important resource and the basis for both a competitive Nordic labour market and the welfare state.

The Nordic labour markets also face significant changes as a result of demographic trends, globalisation, new technology and international competition.

The programme for 2018–2021 identifies a range of these significant challenges in the working environment and describes how Nordic co-operation can help to address them.

The programme is available for download here: