The Confederation of Nordic Associations and schools

Børn i skolegård
Yadid Levy /
Providing information and support to schools that teach about the Nordic Region and its languages is an important part of the work done by the Confederation. In fact, schools can even join Nordic associations.

School membership

Schools pay a small annual fee to register as members of the Nordic Association in their country. In return, they receive a magazine or newsletter as well as access to teaching materials about the Region. School members are also entitled to apply for scholarships, buy discounted products, etc. For further information, please contact the schools officer of the Nordic Association in your country.

Nordic friendship classes

The Confederation of Nordic Associations runs a “friendship class” programme. A friendship class is a wonderful way to learn about the culture and language of another Nordic country as well as to make new friends.

The classes decide how they would prefer to keep in touch with each other and what they would like to do together, e.g. be pen pals, e-mail each other, set up a joint Facebook group, act as foreign correspondents for each others' school magazines or visit each other.

Setting up a friendship class is free of charge. Contact the Nordic Association in your country for further info.

Teaching resources

The Nordic Association helps teachers who want to attend in-service training or visit schools in other Nordic countries. The idea is to give them more in-depth knowledge of the Region as well as tips about teaching Nordic languages via friendship classes, teaching materials and miscellaneous other services available in the different countries.