The Foreign Desk: Sustainable cities

Landu på Cykelslangen
Ricky John Molloy
What happens when a capital goes car-free? How are Swedes reacting to the Greta Thunberg phenomenon? And which Nordic city is claiming to be the world’s ‘most functional’? Michael Booth finds out how Nordic cities are planning to save the world.

'The Foreign Desk' from Monocle has teamed up with the Nordic Council of Ministers for a series of five special episodes delving deeper into topics of global importance from the region. This second episode looks at sustainability in the region’s cities. Tune into The Foreign Desk (link below) for new insights from Michael Booth and his brilliant line-up of guests:

  • Anita Lindahl Trosdahl, Project Manager at Oslo European Green Capital Programme
  • Paal Mork, Advisor at Electric Mobility, Oslo City Hall
  • Katarina Luhr, Vice Mayor for Environment and Climate at Stockholm City Hall
  • Lena Wennberg, Sustainability and Environmental Manager at Swedavia AB
  • Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor at City of Helsinki

Please note that this podcast is only available in English.