Let the common dormouse snore in peace!

What does this common dormouse actually do? Well, it simply enjoys a nice nap! There are around 60,000 species in the Nordic Region. They all benefit our ecosystem – spiders and snails, pike and skate, dormice and hedgehogs – but they also have the right to exist for their own sake, don’t they?

Our being able to live on Earth depends on biodiversity. But despite this, biodiversity is declining at an alarming speed.

Even without the existence of man, the little dormouse should have the right to live, and to live well.

The EU Habitats Directive aims to counteract the loss of biodiversity. The directive lists species and habitats that are worth preserving in order to safeguard biodiversity in the EU. 

The Nordic countries report to the EU regularly on the state of protected species and habitats, i.e. whether the habitats are large enough, and whether they are affected by pollution.


Here you can see the proportion of protected species and natural areas in your country that are viable and doing well:

Here’s what you can do:

  • Find out more about the earth and all its fantastic species, and live your life in a way that there is room for everyone!
  • Get involved in nature and take part in the democratic debate!