Live broadcasts from the 2022 democracy festivals

You can watch streams from the various democracy festivals taking place in 2022 here.

Nordic co-operation is attending all five Nordic democracy festivals, three festivals in the Baltic countries, and one European festival. Selected events are broadcast live and can be watched later here:

Arendal Week

Watch selected events from Arendal Week in Norway here:

15 August at 16:00: Young people’s mental health – how can we prevent all suicide?

16 August at 10:30: 70 years of the Nordic Council – Security in the Nordic Region

16 August at 14:30: Nordic education – reality or fantasy?

17 August at 13:00: Future construction – sustainability in the driving seat

18 August at 12:30: Sustainable financing yields results – how Norwegian companies can contribute to the green transition

Past broadcasts

SuomiAreena, Finland

Watch selected events from SuomiAreena in Pori, Finland here:

12 July at 13:00: Digital – the only superpower we need in the Nordic and Baltic region?

13 July at 14:00: Crisis management and crisis preparedness in the Nordic Region

13 July at 17:00: The Nordic embrace – is it as warm as we think it is?

Almedalen, Sweden

Watch selected events from Almedalen Week in Visby, Sweden here:

4 July at 16:00: “Nordic crime – how do we stop gang crime across Nordic borders?”

4 July at 15:00: The wave of refugees from Ukraine – what have we learned from the reception of refugees in 2015?

3 July at 17:00: Sustainable energy for all – how will the Nordic Region achieve the green transition?

People’s Festival, Denmark

Watch selected events from the People’s Festival in Allinge in Bornholm, Denmark here:

17 June at 12:45: Borderless Nordic education opportunities