Live broadcasts from the Nordic Backdoor to COP25

Video recording at COP23
The Nordic Climate Action Weeks are taking place in two locations, one at COP25 in Madrid and one in Norrsken House in Stockholm. The two hubs are connected virtually. Here you can watch all livecasts from both locations and join the global dialogue about Nordic Climate Action.

Previous broadcasts from Nordic Climate Action weeks at COP25

Watch all streamed events from our two hubs in Stockholm and Madrid during COP25.

It’s a flying Shame – Nordic efforts towards Sustainable Aviation, 13 of December

Nordic climate ministers sum up the UN Climate Negotiations, 13 of December

Tracking Clean Energy Progress – Globally and in the Nordics, 12 of December

World Energy Outlook 2019 – in-depth presentation, 12 of December

What's happening at COP25 , December 11

Strengthened institutions for a sustainable climate –A global capacity building program, December 10

Engaging public and private sector to co-create impactful off-grid energy business, December 10

Sustainable finance - Nordic input and solutions, December 10

REARCTIC THINK&TALK | Creating a Culture for Bold Climate Actions, 9 of December

The Ocean – part of our problems and solutions: Nordic views on climate, ocean and cryosphere?, 9 of December

Is climate change changing parenthood, 7 of December

Briefing: What is going on at COP25 in Madrid Ludwig Bengtsson?, 7 of December

Actions Towards Sustainable Consumption of Food, 6 of December

Young Water Solutions for Sustainable Development, 6 of December

What is going on at COP25 in Madrid Nicholle Koko Warner?, December 5

Responsibly sourced building materials as a policy instrument, 4 of December


The Climate Plan, 3 of December

International emissions trading: Does it work? 3 of December


Climate Action and Youth, 2 of December