Nordic Climate Action in Stockholm, Madrid - and online

People discuss at the Nordic Climate COP24
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Welcome to a global dialogue about Nordic Climate Action - in Madrid, Stockholm and online! The Nordic Climate Action Weeks are taking place in two locations, one at COP25 in Madrid and one in Norrsken House in Stockholm. The two hubs are connected virtually and will be joined in a number of events that are transmitted online. The events are organized in 12 themes which you can read more about here.

Climate Action and Youth - 2nd December

It is the grand opening of the COP25! We will kick it all off with a bang and have invited youth representatives and Nordic Ministers to engage in a dynamic discussion about climate action. Let us give the youth a stage in climate politics and make their voice heard by politicians. Come and take part in an interesting day circling around topics that will affect our future generations.

Making the Paris Agreement a Reality - 3rd December

Five years ago the world's leading politicians made an agreement with the goal of bringing nations together for a common cause ensuring the health of our planet. But what have happened since? Join us for a day where we focus on environmental policies and how to make the Paris Agreement a reality.

My Fossil Free Community - 4th December

Tune in for a day revolving around how the Nordic Countries will achieve the goal of being fossil free communities. We will during the day dive into topics such as the principles of circularity and how new technologies. How may these topics help us in providing the answers to achieve a fossil free community?

Eating our Way to a Sustainable Future - 5th december

One important way to take action to tackle climate change is to change the way we consume food. Food is rising on both individual and policy agendas as an important entry point, not only to tackle climate change, but more broadly to help us move towards a more sustainable society. This will be a day of dialogue, with discussions and policy labs on how we can eat our way to a sustainable future and how food policy can keep up with fast changing consumer preferences, new innovative food business models and ever increasing calls for ambitious climate action.

Transformation towards Sustainibility - 5th December

It is transformation time, are you ready? As we are moving towards a global warming of 2 degrees at a rapid pace, social action and change is now more important than ever. Follow a day of interesting talks that tangents the transformations in some of our most important social systems.

Reaching the Agenda 2030 - 6th December

The SDG’s are all about making the planet sustainable. It is about climate change. It is about the world we are passing on to the future generations. Swing by and get engaged in talks and learn from speakers about how we together will reach the Agenda 2030.

Climate Festival - 7th December

Come and join our celebration of the COP25 during our Climate Festival. During the day we have several activities. Come watch an exhibition, try out games, grab a bite of food, or listen to one of our many interesting climate talks. Stop by the Nordic Hub in Stockholm and enjoy a fun day full of climate experiences for all ages.

Ocean, Air and Artic Issues - 9th December

During the last decades we have seen major changes in the ocean, the air and the Arctic. All areas of great importance for our ecosystem. So what must be done to save and bring balance to these areas? Lined up we have a day of intriguing events presenting some of the issues we are facing and giving possible solutions to these.

Financing and Climate Investment - 10th December

Financing and climate investments does not at first glance seem to be two things that goes hand in hand. But maybe it does not come of as odd as it may sound? Come to the Nordic Hub in Stockholm to learn and hear more about sustainable financing and business models that contribute to concrete climate action, and to network with professionals in green financing, growth businesses and sustainable development.

Nordic Council Day: Climate Clever Citizens - 11th December

Information coming soon.

Green Transition and Carbon Neutrality - 12th December

With the growing pressure from especially youth, the demand for more bold political climate action is taking up more space of the political agenda. This is bridging towards the structural and economic transition. Are you interested in how we shall move away from fossil fuels? Then come and join us at the Nordic Hub in Stockholm as we will have a exciting day coming up.

Climate Solutions - 13th December

As we enter the last and final day of the COP25 we would like to present different takes on climate solutions. As new solutions arise, the need to implement them is of great importance. After two weeks focusing on climate it is time to wrap up, reflect and bring new ideas and inspiration back home.

Watch events online

If you are not in Madrid or Stockholm you can join the discussion online. We have created a virtual backdoor and are broadcasting live from events and briefings. 

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