Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding opportunities for co-operation on the environment and climate

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The Working Group under the Nordic Environment and Climate Sector (AU) provides small grants to Nordic projects. These funds are mainly used to follow up on decisions taken by the Nordic Council of Ministers for the Environment and Climate (MR-MK) and the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for the Environment and Climate (EK-MK); to support the priorities set by the country that holds the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers; to support current policy priorities; to support ad hoc projects that the environment and climate working groups did not anticipate when planning their work programmes; and to support other stakeholders.

General guidelines

Project applications must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The project addresses a topical political issue
  • The project deals with a new problem related to the environment
  • The project includes interdisciplinary activities of relevance to the environmental sector.  

In general, projects can only receive funding from the Prioritisation Pool for one year.


In addition:

  • Multi-year projects will normally be fully funded for the whole project period, unless the preliminary results from the first year generate value or where AU believes that alternative financing can be secured for the remaining project period
  • Projects that involve supporting websites/databases will generally only receive funding if other sources have agreed to fund the running of them in the future
  • Basic research projects will not normally receive funding
  • The Prioritisation Pool only funds the operations of other international organisations in exceptional circumstances. However, support can be given to specific projects initiated by and/or of great interest to the Nordic countries.


Applications to the Prioritisation Pool must include a cover letter:

The application and budget forms, as well as general funding information, are available on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ website:

In addition to funding by AU, the environment and climate working groups also fund Nordic projects in relevant areas. Further information: