Nordic Democracy Festivals 2022

Nordic co-operation is hosting debate events at five Nordic democracy festivals. Politicians, civil society, experts, young people and the business community will put their heads together and discuss policy on equal terms with citizens of the Nordic Region.

There’s always a great atmosphere, with reasoning, knowledge and opinions flying back and forth. We put the spotlight on common challenges in our corner of the world, as well as Nordic solutions that can help to creating the world’s most sustainable and integrated region.

This year, Nordic co-operation will also be providing direct insight into the activities that our tents at the three Baltic democracy festivals are playing host to.

We’ll start at the People’s Festival on Bornholm in June, and end with Fundur fólksins in Reykjavik in September. All in all, there will be 25 events and more than 100 panellists.

The five Nordic democracy festivals

3 to 7 July 2022: Almedalen Week in Sweden

This year’s Almedalen Week takes place from 3 to 7 July. Visby is reopening after the pandemic and welcoming the people from around Sweden to this year’s key event for political actors and those interested in politics. 

This year, Nordic co-operation will open with a debate on greener energy and round things off with a discussion on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the security situation in the Nordic Region.

Malin Ericsson

12 to 16 July 2022: SuomiAreena in Finland

The SuomiAreena democracy festival once again welcomes people from across Finland for political discussions and presents the largest venue of the year for public debate. Every day in Helsinki from 12 to 16 July, Nordic co-operation will play host to Nordic profiles and discussions on highly relevant topics.

Maarit Laakkonen

15 to 20 August 2022: Arendal Week in Norway

In 2022, the democracy festival in Arendal will once again serve as a major venue for people with an interest in politics and society. The Nordic Council of Ministers will be present to discuss Nordic challenges and solutions for how we can create the world’s most sustainable and integrated region.

Welcome to the Nordic tent at Langbrygga in Arendal, Norway! Or follow the debates via live stream, wherever in the Nordic Region you are.

Tor Erik Schrøder, NTB, Ritzau Scanpíx

16 to 17 September 2022: Fundur fólksins in Iceland

Fundur fólksins, the democracy festival in Iceland, is held in and around Nordens Hus in Reykjavik.

On Friday 16 September, the focus will be on children and young people, with Saturday set aside for anyone who is interested. Both days will feature events that focus specifically on Nordic co-operation.

Fundur fòlksins

16 to 19 June 2022: People’s Festival in Denmark (completed)

People’s Festival on Bornholm once again sets the framework for a political debate on a level that people can relate to. Nordic co-operation is hosting six highly relevant events as well as renowned panellists who will discuss the challenges faced in 2022, as well as Nordic solutions in relation to creating the world’s most sustainable and integrated region.

Mads Claus Rasmussen, Ritzau Scanpix


Three Baltic festivals

1 and 2 July 2022: LAMPA Conversation i Latvia 

This year, you can follow the activities at the LAMPA Conversation democracy festival in Latvia, where the Nordic Council of Ministers will host a number of debates in collaboration with our Nordic and Latvian partners.

Since 2015, LAMPA Conversation has been the most important venue for political debate and exchange of views for people from around Latvia, with a focus on democracy and community involvement.

12 and 13 August 2022: Arvamusfestival i Estonia 

Arvamusfestival in Estonia is a venue for everyone. The festival aims to promote inclusivity and gender equality by bringing people together who hold different worldviews. The goal is to strengthen the culture of debate and sharing of knowledge. Both individuals and organisations can arrange or propose debates, resulting in a wide variety of topics from national security, digitalisation and innovation, to health and social issues. 

Arvamusfestival celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2022.

2 and 3 September 2022: BŪTENT! in Lithuania 

The BŪTENT! (“Makes sense!”) democracy festival in Birštonas once again plays host to debates where people from political, academic, cultural and non-governmental organisations, as well as the business world meet to discuss developments in key areas, to share ideas, and to create new forms of co-operation. 

Opinions are shared and shaped thanks to the great variety of the participants. The goal is to increase tolerance between people and to strengthen democracy.


Political Festival of Europe

25 to 28 August 2022: Political Festival of Europe

During four days in August we will debate politics from a European perspective in the historical town Mariager in Denmark. Political Festival of Europe is an annual event that aims to bring European citizens together to discuss societal issues and to celebrate European cultural heritage and history.

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