Nordic festivals of democracy 2021

Demokratifestivallerne sommer 2021
This year, official Nordic co-operation will be involved in debates at five democracy festivals, where politicians, civil society, experts, young people and the business community will cross swords and talk politics directly with the rest of society.

The atmosphere at these annual festivals is always great as the arguments, information and attitudes fly back and forth. The Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers will be at all of them this year, focusing on challenges we all face in our corner of the world and on Nordic solutions that will help create the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

The festivals are open to all, either in person or online. The first event was the People’s Festival on Bornholm (Denmark) in June and the series ends with the People’s Meeting in Reykjavík in September. A total of 25 events will be held featuring 100+ panelists.

The five Nordic festivals of democracy

3–4 September 2021: The People’s Meeting, Iceland

The People’s Meeting festival of democracy in Iceland will be held in and around the Nordic House in Reykjavík, 3–4 September 2021. The focus on Friday 3 September will be on children and young people, while Saturday 4 September is for everyone interested. There will be debates on Nordic co-operation on both days. The nominations for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2021 will also be revealed at the festival on the Friday.

Fundur fólksins Island
Fundur fólksins

16–20 August 2021: Arendal Week, Norway

The Arendal Week festival of democracy will be a major draw again this year for everybody interested in politics and social affairs. The Nordic Council of Ministers will be present to discuss the challenges faced in the Region and the Nordic solutions that will help make it the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

Join us in the Nordic Tent at Langbrygga in Arendal. Or follow the events live online from wherever you are.


12–16 July 2021: SuomiAreena, Finland (already held)

The SuomiAreena democracy festival, the biggest event of its kind in the country, will again bring the people of Finland together for political discussions. Official Nordic co-operation and other major Nordic figures will be involved in several discussions on highly topical themes in Helsinki, 12–16 July.


4–7 July 2021: Almedalen Week, Sweden (already held)

This year, Almedalen Week will run from 4-7 July. It will mainly be online this year.

The Nordic Council of Ministers will take part in an event from 13:00–16:00 on Tuesday 6 July along with the Nordic Council and other stakeholders. All of the panel discussions will be broadcast online.


17–19 June 2021: The People’s Festival, Denmark (already held)

The People’s Festival on Bornholm once again set the framework for inclusive political debate. Official Nordic co-operation hosted four highly topical events with expert panels discussing the challenges faced in 2021 as well as Nordic solutions that will help create the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

Two of our debates at the People’s Festival 2021 were livestreamed on See the link below:

Folkemøde på Bornholm
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