The Nordic region and its neighbours to the west

Kutter ved Upernavik
Mats Bjerde
The Nordic Council of Ministers continues to forge ever closer relationships with it neighbours to the west: Canada, USA, UK, Scotland, Shetland Islands, Ireland and more.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has continued to forge ever close relationships with its neighbours to the west in recent years, essentially because it believes this has benefits for all of the Nordic countries.

The Nordic nations, Greenland and the Faroe Islands face many of the same challenges as their western neighbours, e.g. sparsely populated areas, large distances, infrastructural challenges, cold climate and dependence on the sea and its resources. The expected increase in shipping in the Arctic will have an impact on geopolitical interests and the strategic importance of the Arctic region. This throws up new challenges and opportunities for the Nordic and North Atlantic areas. The Council of Ministers works with our neighbours in the west whenever mutual needs and Nordic synergies are identified. This partnership complements bilateral relations in the area. For strategic guiding, The Nordic vision and the international branding strategy will be of importance.

 In this work, the Council of Ministers is interested in creating, supporting and contributing to overall sustainable development and the “2030 agenda” through certain priorities on the following themes:

  • Maritime issues
  • Trade and economic development
  • The environment, climate and energy
  • Research, innovation, education and training
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Gender equality
  • Children and youth involvement

The Nordic Houses on the Faroe Islands and Iceland as well as the Nordic Institute in Greenland play key roles in cultural co-operation in the West-Nordic region. Here are some links to relevant Nordic organisations:

An application form for project funding is available for download here: