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Read our publications in the NordPub app

The NordPub app provides access to the latest publications from the Secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council, which consist of research-based reports with a Nordic angle and general information about Nordic co-operation.

The app is divided into subject areas. If you want to be kept up-to-date with the latest publications in a particular field of interest, just turn on notifications. The publications open as PDFs, they are easy to search and navigate in and are free to download.

The app provides a nicely presented overview of our publications. It is easy to search, download, save as favourites and share them with friends and colleagues.

Please note that the NordPub app only features the most recent and relevant publications and they may be removed at some point. The means that it is not a substitute for the NordPub portal (, our Open Access portal with almost 4,000 publications, where you will always be able to re-download publications that featured in the app.