Practical information for the 2021 Session of the Nordic Council

Utdelning av fotoboken Livet i Norden till parlamentarikerna vid Nordiska Rådets session i Stockholm
Magnus Fröderberg
Practical information for the Nordic Council Session in Copenhagen can be found here


Access to the Danish Parliament, Folketinget, through the visitors’ entrance


After the security check at the visitors’ entrance, situated in the Inner Hall

Name badge

All participants will be given a name badge upon registration. For security reasons, this must be worn visibly throughout the Session. 

Accreditation for journalists (the deadline has passed. Please contact: Matts Lindqvist,, +45 29 69 29 05)

Please see information for the press 


Networks: Norden2021

Password: WeWelcomeYouAll2021

The Danish Delegation Secretariat

- Joan Ólavsdóttir, mobile: +45 61 62 55 11

- Peder Pedersen, mobile: +45 61 62 30 07

- Dennis Barndorph-Sichlau, mobile: +45 61 62 38 68

- Mia Dehnhardt-Larsen, mobile: +45 61 62 46 01

- Susanne Henriksen, mobile: +45 61 62 31 34

- Ulla Stegemüller +45 3337 5958

Secretariat to the Nordic Council

Mads Nyholm Hovmand

+45 22 48 33

The Session on social media

You can get involved in debates and discussions on Nordic policies by using our two shared hashtags: #nrsession and #nrpol.

You can share our content within your own social media networks by following us at:


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Danish parliament building.

Emergency services



Food and drink

Catering will be available outside the parliament hall and in the corridor in the morning and afternoon. Lunch is available to buy in the Snapsting restaurant.


Taxa 4x35: +45 35 35 35 35

Dantaxi: +45 48 48 48 48