Samarbejdsprogrammer (MR-FJLS)

The co-operation programme 2017–2020 describes the two main priorities for fisheries and aquaculture, agriculture, food and forestry in the period 2017–2020, i.e. the development of the Nordic bio-economy and sustainable food systems.

The programme further develops and enhances co-operation on fisheries and aquaculture, agriculture, food and forestry. Nordic co-operation also plays a part in addressing many of the challenges that the countries of the world have prioritised in Agenda 2030 and the global sustainable development goals, ranging from climate change and antibiotic resistance to the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

Nordic Plan of Action for better health and quality of life through diet and physical activity

The Nordic Council of Ministers has drawn up an action plan designed to support the work of the national governments on promoting healthy eating and exercise and preventing obesity.