The youth are watching

Nordic Keynote-listeners at COP25

Nordic keynote-listener at Nordic Climate Action Weeks during COP25: Jonas Færgeman, Alex Sigal, Amanda Borneke, Jóna Þórey Pétursdóttir and Karolina Lång.

Marita Hoydal


What’s going on at the climate negotiations in Madrid and at the Nordic Climate Action Weeks in Stockholm? And what are the Nordic countries bringing to the table? Five young Nordics follow COP25. Each will they give a report from the latest 24 hours. Meet them all here - and hear their report from COP25.

Karolina Lång, Finland

Karolina is member of Nordic advisory board on youth involvement in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity / Editorial committee - Together Towards a Global Deal Involving young people in setting targets for biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainable use.

Jóna Þórey Pétursdóttir, Iceland

Jóna is president of the Student Council at the University of Iceland. The University of Iceland is a community of students and staff, and is one of the largest workplaces in the country.

Jonas Færgeman, Denmark

Jonas is boardmember at ReGeneration 2030 that is a movement led by teenagers and young adults in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions making the United Nations Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) become reality.

Alex Sigal, Norway

Alex is member of the Nordic Council that is a forum for the political youth organisations in the North.

Amanda Borneke, Sweden

Amanda is Kvalitets- och miljöansvarig på CS Riv & Håltagning AB and Swedish represent of Construction and Demolition industry