Take part in the survey on biodiversity - and make your voice heard!

It only takes 10 minutes and could make a huge difference for our planet!

Your opinion is important – here’s how we’ll use your answers

Your answers will be used to formulate demands for the international negotiations on global biodiversity targets. These demands will be presented to the Nordic governments and at the UN negotiations in the spring of 2021. The final negotiations for the new targets for the Convention on Biological Diversity will then take place in the autumn of 2021.

The purpose of the survey is to demonstrate what’s important to young people in the Nordic Region and to put pressure on negotiators for ambitious new goals to protect biodiversity.

Who can take part?

The survey is open to those aged 13 to 30 in all the Nordic countries throughout February 2021.

Who is behind the survey?

The survey has been developed by young Nordic people who are passionate about the environment and who are part of the Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network, with the support of the Nordic Council, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and WWF Denmark.

What happens now?

The responses will be compiled and used as a basis for a position paper – a list of requirements for the international negotiations on biodiversity, the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. This list will be drafted by an editorial team, sent out for consultation by Nordic youth organisations, and ratified at a digital town hall later this spring.  Everyone is welcome to the town hall.

How will my answers reach the negotiators?

Once the region’s young people have agreed their demands, a position paper will be presented to the five Nordic ministers for the environment and to the negotiators. There is scope for opinion and anchoring work during the spring and summer, where the list of demands can be discussed in public.  A Nordic youth delegation will participate as observers during the final negotiations at the international summit. The youth delegation, with representatives from all the Nordic countries, will present their demands to negotiators during a summit.

Want to know more about the biodiversity crisis?

Do you find this issue interesting and important but feel you need more knowledge? A toolkit for knowledge and influence has been developed by Nordic co-operation to help young people take part in the process. The material summarises the latest research and contains a number of key issues that are of significance to the new global agreement on biodiversity. The toolkit has been developed in co-operation with the World Wildlife Fund, WWF Denmark. The toolkit is available to everyone free of charge, in English and all the Nordic languages.