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The list below features blogs with a Nordic profile or that cover current affairs in the Region. Some of them have a more international profile but are included because they are influential in the Nordic blogosphere and public debates.


Nordic Culture Point showcases interesting blogs and projects about Nordic culture and art. The blogs are written primarily in English, but in some cases also in the Scandinavian languages.

The job of the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers is to develop and improve co-operation on behalf of the ministers for co-operation. Follow the work of the SG on the Secretary General's blog.


The German foreign correspondents Clemens Bomsdorf and Elmar Jung blog in German about the Nordic countries on HighNorth, covering everything from popular culture and architecture to finance and politics.

On the World Economic Forum blog, you will find what sharp minds in the WEF have to say about the Nordic countries. The WEF blog is in English.

Manuel Velasco blogs in Spanish on elcaminodelnorte about Nordic culture and history and features a large number of video clips from the Nordic countries. Velasco is an author who has written many books on Nordic culture and history.

Terri Mapes' Scandinavia Travel Blog is an excellent and regularly updated travel blog in English for those travel to or in the Nordic Region and Scandinavia.

Arctic Startup is a company that runs a website and blog in English about start-up companies in digital media and technologies in the Nordic Region.


The blogs listed below are all in Swedish.

The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, blogs on “Alla dessa dagar” about politics and current affairs in the Nordic Region and beyond.

TV4 News features political news with comprehensive coverage of topics, including Nordic issues.

Kulturbloggen keeps an eye on Swedish and Scandinavian culture.

On Nordenbloggen the Norden Association addresses topical issues in the Nordic Region.


The blogs listed below are all in Finnish.

The Finnish Green League's blog vihreablogi is a good introduction to political debate in the country.

Alexander Stubb, who doubles up as the Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade and the Minister for Nordic Co-operation, writes about various aspects of Finnish foreign policy in his blog.

Paavo Arhinmäki is the Minister of Culture and Sport and spokesperson for the Left Alliance.


Islandsbloggen covers and comments on Icelandic news stories – big and small – about everything from economics to culture. The blog is in Swedish and serves as a good source of facts about Iceland for travellers and others interested in Iceland.


The blogs listed below are all in Danish.

On Altandetlige several Danish economists write about economics and politics from a Danish perspective and in a popular but expert style.

Jyllandsposten and Berlingske showcase a number of Danish bloggers from the left to the right, covering most subjects in culture, economics, politics and society, often from a Danish perspective.


The blogs listed below are all in Norwegian.

Kristin Clemet, leader of the liberal think tank Civita, writes a blog on the development of social ideas, Norwegian and international politics.

Paul Chaffey writes about economics, politics and watching the world through Norwegian eyes.

The Norwegian archaeologist Frans-Arne Stylegar blogs on archaeology in the Nordic Region. The page contains a comprehensive collection of links to blogs and websites about archaeology.

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