International summit on Ukraine

08.09.22 | News
Eyþór Árnason
In Reykjavik, the Nordic Council and the Baltic Assembly invited representatives from Ukraine and the opposition in Russia and Belarus to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Belarus.

“We Ukrainians are fighting a battle for our existence as a nation and to ensure that this will be the last war. And so that the phrase ‘never again’ really means ‘never again’,” said Ukrainian parliamentarian Lesia Vasylenko during the press conference held in connection with the international summit of the Nordic Council and the Baltic Assembly in Reykjavik. The focus of the summit was on how the Nordic and Baltic countries can support the Ukrainian authorities and civilian population, and maintain a focus on providing information about the situation that is as objective as possible. Such information is under constant pressure from Russia’s propaganda machine, with several parties at the summit expressing their concern over the suppression of freedom of expression in both Russia and Belarus.   


Watch the statements from the press conference in connection with the summit:

Press conference in connection with the high level summit for political assembly and Nordic Council, with representatives from the Ukrainian Parliament and media, as well as Russian and Belarus opposition. Reykjavik, Iceland, 5 September 2022.