New report: Nordic CEOs call for more political action on climate issues

11.01.22 | News
An interview survey of leading companies shows that Nordic CEOs are worried about climate change and favour a more ambitious approach to the problem.

Nordic companies can play a key role in delivering climate solutions at global level and help their customers and countries comply with the 1.5 °C target, according to a new survey covering 40 business leaders in some of the biggest Nordic companies. Acknowledging that the target is not something they can achieve on their own, the CEOs are calling on Nordic politicians to provide stronger incentives to develop and commercialise climate solutions more quickly.


Proposals put forward in the report include a CO2 tax, greater transparency in value chains and stricter climate requirements in public procurement.


“The Nordic business community is in the lead and well prepared for a world with strong climate measures and higher carbon pricing. It is great to see this report confirms that. I believe a green Nordic business sector is vital to reach our climate goals,” says Espen Barth Eide, the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment.


The report was launched today at a webinar attended by the climate and environment ministers from Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland, CEOs of some of the biggest Nordic companies and the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Paula Lethömaki. The report was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and drawn up by the business networks Haga Initiative (SE), Skift Business Climate Leaders (NO) and the Climate Leadership Coalition (FIN), all three of which also took part in the launch event.

A climate-neutral Nordic Region

The report is the first study in the four-year programme ‘Climate Neutral Nordic’, which seeks to identify potential ways of accelerating the green transition by working more closely together with the business community in all of the Nordic countries.


“This report clearly shows that public and private co-operation and partnerships must be an integral part of achieving our vision of making the Nordics the most sustainable and integrated region in the world,” says Paula Lehtomäki, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Climate Neutral Nordic will address political issues, host practical dialogue meetings and encourage Nordic politicians, experts and business leaders to discuss their experiences together. It is envisaged that the project will result in the first public-private political platform for engagement across the Region.