The Marine Research Institute, Iceland

The Marine Research Institute is Iceland's largest research institute in the marine environment and fisheries research and also has an advisory role on sustainable usage and protection of marine resources in Icelandic waters.

The institute is based in Reykjavik and has five branches in coastal fishing communities round Iceland and has 170 employees.

For many years, the Marine Research Institute has contributed to basic research and advice and has worked actively with authorities and commerce (business, the fishing industry) for responsible, sustainable usage of marine resources. Preserving Iceland's fish stocks has been the country's principal long-term mission in environmental protection, and the Marine Research Institute has played a major role.

The research work of the Marine Research Institute and the knowledge transmitted to society and business life have both contributed to badly needed protection of fish stocks and have laid the basis for discussion of ecosystem-oriented fisheries management, with the pressing need to have better global awareness of the marine environment and resources.