The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen
Eva Lindberg, Naturskyddsföreningen
The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SNF) does a great deal of work distributing information about climate change, and has been nominated for its objective and professional campaign highlighting the advantages of introducing green and road taxes. This has resulted in a sharp fall in traffic in inner Stockholm and has inspired other Nordic towns and cities to launch similar initiatives.

Lennart Fremling stresses three noteworthy SNF initiatives from the last year:

  1. Establishing an online clearing house for greenhouse gas quotas. SNF allocates the quotas elsewhere in order to reduce the total level of emissions and to increase the market price of the quotas to raise funds for investments in, for example, sustainable sources of energy.
  2. SNF's climate index. This database compiles data drawn from targets and initiatives set by Swedish local authorities to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels, and has attracted considerable public interest.
  3. The Vasa Ski Race Week 2006. Using an exhibition, seminars and printed material, the SNF's campaign drew attention to the uncertain future of the race, which is threatened by climate change.