10.04.19 | News

Minskad byråkrati underlättar Norgeflytt

Många nordbor som sökt sig till Norge för att jobba eller studera har upplevt kraven för folkbokföring som ett gränshinder. Efter påtryckningar från Gränshinderrådet lättar nu norska skattemyndigheten på kraven.

09.04.19 | News

Report: the time is right to promote the Nordic “peace” brand

The momentum and willingness are growing for the Nordic countries to work even more closely together on peace and conflict resolution. Opportunities are available right now to boost the “Nordic peace brand”, according to a new Nordic report.



03.04.19 | Information

The competencies of the future

The idea behind the agenda for the competencies of the future is to better prepare people of all ages for the society that lies ahead. We want everybody in the Nordic Region to have the knowledge and skills to cope with a more complex future. Perhaps just as importantly, we also want th...