Digital youth dialogue on communities in the Nordic Region

21.06.20 | News
Unge fra Stryn
Oddleiv Apneseth /
The Nordic Council of Ministers is launching a new video campaign as part of the dialogue between youth organisations in the Nordic Region. In the campaign, the Danish Youth Council, Alliansi (the Finnish National Youth Council), and the Norwegian Children and Youth Council tell us what Nordic co-operation and youth communities mean to them, in general and during the coronavirus pandemic. This marks the start of Nordic digital dialogue, whereby all youth organisations are welcome to get involved in the debate and put forward topics that can be solved by way of Nordic co-operation.

Watch the video here

Take part in the debate using the hashtag #nordiccommunities

Sara Ellegaard, student employee at the Nordic Council of Ministers

Video interview: It’s in the encounters across borders that the magic happens!

Minister for Nordic Co-operation Mogens Jensen has been following the Nordic digital dialogue, which this week has looked at youth organisations right across the Nordic Region. Several requests were made by young people to the Nordic ministers as part of this dialogue. Hear what Jensen had to say. And also hear why he believes that youth communities are so important for the UN’s global goals, the Nordic Region, and the future. 

Nordic solutions and inspiration

Based on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Vision 2030 and on the programme for the Danish Presidency in 2020, the initiative aims to create digital dialogue on civil-society communities in the Nordic Region. The idea is to shed light on Nordic values and the importance of involving civil society, with an emphasis on communities in general and during the coronavirus pandemic. The emphasis of the campaign is on youth communities, Nordic solutions, and inspiration between youth organisations in the Nordic Region.