Nordic Master programme

24.07.18 | Project
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The Nordic Master programme offers students the chance to learn about and experience up to three Nordic countries in one and the same English-language master’s degree. This helps them to develop skills that they would be unable to attain in one country alone.


01.01.2018 - 31.12.2019

Freedom of movement and quality are the guiding principles of the Nordic Master programme. In addition to being a high quality master’s programme, the scheme creates a shared arena for education in the Nordic Region, promoting the free movement of knowledge between the Nordic countries.

The programme offers the students the opportunity to live and study in at least two Nordic countries during their two years in the programme.

A spectrum of opportunities

All of the programmes are in English and total at least 120 ECTS. In all other respects, they vary considerably. The 25 pan-Nordic master’s degrees to date have been spread far and wide in terms of their subject areas – any academic field can apply for funding. 

Satisfied students

Student surveys and interviews show that students of the Nordic Master programme are very satisfied with the scheme.  The freedom of movement that it offers is especially appreciated, with 70 percent of respondents stating this as a key reason for being tempted to study a Nordic Master.

The programmes have proven to be attractive for both Nordic and international students. Currently, about 40 percent of the students come from the Nordic countries, 20 percent from the rest of Europe, and 40 percent come from countries outside Europe. 

How to go about creating a new Nordic Master

At least three Nordic universities and/or colleges can jointly apply for funding of up to DKK 1.5 million from the Nordic Council of Ministers to start a Nordic Master degree programme. Each degree programme must have a university that takes the role of co-ordinator. At least two other universities must take the role of partners.
The Finnish National Board of Education is responsible for the administration of the Nordic Master programme.