Projects on digitalisation

27.07.18 | Project
In an effort to promote digitalisation, MR-DIGITAL and the member states are initiating a number of projects, each one run by a single country, but co-ordinated and managed jointly through the organisation of MR-DIGITAL.


01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019

Nordic-Baltic co-operation on digital identities – NOBID

The NOBID project is a partnership between the Nordic and Baltic countries. The objective of the project is to ensure the access of residents to public services in other countries based on each country’s national eID system, such as NemID in Denmark, Mobile BankID in Sweden, and BankID in Norway.

  • In addition the project produces technical concepts, building blocks, and industry standards.
  • Furthermore the project promotes cross-border networks for technical and legal expertise.

In particular the project is looking at:

  • concepts for the cross-border exchange of authoritative personal data; and
  • the implementation of regional arenas for co-operation on eID.

The project is structured as a multinational project run by the Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (DIFI). HNG-DIGITAL is responsible for budget allocations and for managing the general direction of the project’s work.

The project is a three-year initiative for the period 2018 to 2020.

Accelerated expansion of 5G

In order to accelerate and facilitate the wide-scale expansion of the next-generation mobile network, 5G, the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation has taken on the task of establishing the Nordic-Baltic 5G initiative. By mapping the 5G upgrade status of the Nordic and Baltic mobile network and then using this to plan the creation of small-cell networks in the Nordic and Baltic countries, the ambition is to improve understanding regarding which business models can be used to fund the expansion of the region’s 5G mobile network.

DIGINNO – Cross-border digital services

Efforts to establish cross-border digital services are primarily managed by DIGINNO. DIGINNO is a unique public-private partnership that seeks to implement a digital single market in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. The intention is for it to be a pioneer of the EU’s vision of establishing a digital single European market. More specifically, the network is designed to increase the implementation of information and communication technology in private companies, the development of innovative digital public services, and the promotion of political discussions regarding the implementation of the digital single market in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. 

SmartGovernment – Better use of business data

Nordic SmartGovernment is a partnership between Nordic businesses with the vision of creating a data-driven Nordic Region in which data and digitalisation create value through the automatic, intelligent, and secure sharing of data within the region. The value of making all financial data available between companies has been estimated at DKK 200 billion by 2027, and so the Nordic SmartGovernment partnership is striving to leverage this potential value.