Per- and polyfluoroalkylether substances: identity, production and use


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This project provides an initial overview of a group of PFASs, namely the per- and polyfluoroalkylether substances (PFAEs). The study shows that a large variety of PFAEs have been produced and used and their marketplace is complex. They have very diverse uses in a variety of industries and have a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including cosmetic products, food contact materials, lubricants, metal plating, paints and high-tech applications. PFAEs as a sub-group of PFASs merit further scrutiny, based on emerging evidence about the risks associated with some of the substances (such as GenX), their widespread use and their high persistence in the environment. Although many of these chemicals are produced/imported in small quantities in the EU, their combined impact may still present a significant risk to environment and health.
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