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Strengthening Nordic co-operation in the social field


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In 2017, the Nordic Council of Ministers for Health and Social Affairs (MR-S) decided to carry out a strategic review of the Nordic co-operation in the social sector. The aim was to develop and strengthen the Nordic cooperation in the social field to ensure that it was adapted to the needs of the Nordic countries and current issues, and produced concrete results. The review was to result in a report with proposals that MR-S and the Committee of Senior Officials for Social and Health Policy (EK-S) could apply to develop both the existing co-operation and new initiatives, in a 5-10-year perspective.The review has been carried out by Árni Páll Árnason, former Minister of Social Affairs and Social Security and Minister of Economic Affairs in Iceland, who has drawn up an independent report with 14 proposals to strengthen Nordic co-operation in social policy, following consultations with actors in the social field both inside and outside the Nordic Region.This report is part of a series of strategic and forward-looking studies carried out by the Nordic Council of Ministers.The report is a part of the Nordic Council of Minister’s reform project, and strategic reviews have previously been conducted on health, labour market, legislative affairs, energy, and environmental policy co-operation.
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