Nordic Council of Ministers Communication Strategy for 2020 to 2024


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Given the Nordic countries’ interest and involvement in Nordic co-operation, itis essential that those living in the Nordic Region understand what this means.There must be an increased level of insight into the objectives of this cooperationand what has been achieved, not just among decision-makers butalso among everyone living in the Nordic Region, in all areas of society, and inall age groups.Communication serves to show how and where co-operation is yielding concretereturns for the region. Similarly, communication anchors Nordic co-operationand puts it in context.In August 2019, the Nordic prime ministers adopted Vision2030, which isthe central governing document for Nordic co-operation through to 2030.The vision sets out that the Nordic Region will become the most sustainable andintegrated region in the world. All work within the Nordic Council of Ministersmust be guided by this vision as well as by the objectives for co-operation andspecific action plans drawn up on the basis of these.This, of course, also affects communication. This communication strategy isan updated version of the strategy that came into effect at the start of 2019.This version is effective from 1 June 2020.The strategy will serve as a framework and as guidance for all those workingwithin the Nordic Council of Ministers’ communications network.
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