Nordic Proof

Experiences and results from four years of testing industry solutions 2018-2021


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Nordic Proof partners have handled 600 incoming inquiries from the industry focusing on medical devices and e-health solutions in the period from 2018 to 2021. By committing the partners, developing the services, securing procedures, and organizing a series of events and communication activities Nordic Proof has settled as a true Nordic collaboration platform and an important gateway for Nordic companies and international companies looking for test sites in the Nordics.Nordic Proof is a network of partners from renowned health institutions and testing hubs in healthcare in the Nordics. Our partners are leading facilities in the testing landscape and can test your idea, product or solution with quality and expertise. Together the partners provide testing in all phases of development including structured documentation.Nordic Proof provides structured access to leading Nordic health institutions and testing hubs in the Nordic countries committed to world class health services.This report is a short summary of the activities and results from four year of operation.Nordic Proof is co-funded by Nordic Innovation.