The role of human biomonitoring in assessing and managing chemical risks in the Nordic countries

HBM4EU – The European Human Biomonitoring Initiative; and its continuation in PARC


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The health of European citizens is an EC priority. In this context, the science-policy interface of the EU project HBM4EU -is particularly important, ensuring up-to-date and coordinated science-based information for policy makers. HBM in research in all Nordic countries has substantially benefited from HBM4EU participation – time trends, aligned studies, mechanistic studies, and method development/improvement are examples of HBM4EU activities in Nordic countries. And also vice versa, as- high quality, structured, reliable, well planned and effectively conducted HBM studies in Nordic countries have contributed significantly to HBM4EU.The chromate study conducted in HBM4EU can be considered exemplary, in terms of providing a science-based answer to a policy question. 
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