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Participation for children and young people with disabilities in the Nordic countries


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This report relates to the universal right of all children and young people to participate, to express their views and be heard in all matters concerning them. Our aim is to provide insight into how this right is secured for children and young people with disabilities in the Nordic region.In the report, we highlight some of the most common obstacles to participation that children and young people face in various arenas. Our Nordic expert group has contributed by finding relevant research and good methods to ensure inclusion and participation for more people.  A number of social actors play a key role in ensuring participation for children and young people with disabilities. Our goal in this report is to describe central national and Nordic actors, and the roles they play.The right to participation and influence is particularly important for children, as children are social individuals who need to participate in order to develop their own identity, find their own voice and learn to express their feelings and needs. The right to participation helps ensure a child’s influence over his or her own life, opportunities, and the ability to make competent decision.