Trafficking in Human Beings in Working Life

Report from a Nordic conference in Helsinki, Finland 27-28 November 2012


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The Nordic conference on human trafficking and working life discussed how people become victims of human trafficking as they seek jobs in foreign countries. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness of problems of human trafficking in the Nordic countries through a diversified perspective.The greatest challenge for Nordic stakeholders today is to identify the persons – women, men, girls and boys – who are victims of labour trafficking. It is important that victims receive information about their rights, and about the social services that are available to them. A key question is how to adapt social services to the needs of the victims. The aim was to disseminate knowledge about the various stakeholders, their roles, responsibilities, ability to identify and deal with problems on labour trafficking. The conference was built on the results and experiences obtained by authorities and organizations in the Nordic countries.At the conference practical examples of how the Nordic countries, police, prosecutors, courts, occupational safety authorities, labour market organizations and NGOs' work with issues concerning human trafficking and the labour market in the Nordic countries.
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