Transport infrastructure investment

climate and environmental effects in cost benefit analysis in the Nordic countries


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A study performed by TØI, DTU and VTI and funded by the Nordic Council, compares the handling of climate and environmental effects in CBA in transport projects in the Nordic countries. The main emphasis has been the comparison of recommended methods and assessments between the countries for noise, air pollution and climate effects. Important findings:- For noise Finland take nuisance in consideration while the other countries also include health effects.- For PM, the values are related to PM2.5 in Denmark and Finland, to PM10 in Norway and to both PM2.5 and PM10 in Sweden.- For NOX, the values in Finland and Sweden are almost negligible compared to the values used in Denmark and Norway.- The most extreme difference between values in the Nordic countries relate to global warming emissions where the values of emissions in 2020 vary from €24/ton CO2 in Denmark (with an alternative calculation of €197/ton) to €665/ton in Sweden.
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