16.02.18 | News

New Nordic report: Finland and Denmark lead the way in innovation

State of the Nordic Region – a new report from the Nordic Council of Ministers – analyses key data from the Nordic countries, comparing them across borders and regions. The figures show that the Nordic Region remains strong on innovation, with Finland and Denmark leading the way.

15.02.18 | News

Growth in the Nordic Region

Population growth in the Nordic Region is outstripping the rest of Europe but the age gap is also more pronounced than elsewhere in the continent. Urbanisation, an obvious trend throughout the Nordic Region, is due to a combination of immigration and young people moving to the cities. T...

24.08.18 | Information

About State of the Nordic Region 2018

State of the Nordic Region 2018 takes a closer look at the facts and figures behind the current developments at the regional level in the Nordic countries, including Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland.