Applications for funding in 2020 – biodiversity

08.04.19 | Funding opportunities
Every year the Nordic Working Group for Biodiversity (NBM) funds Nordic projects that help to stem the loss of biodiversity.


Opportunity category
Open calls
Mon, 17/06/2019 - 11:59 PM
Financial framework
A total of around DKK 3 million
Faroe Islands
Åland Islands

 See Chapter 5 of the Programme for Nordic Co-operation on the Environment and Climate 2019–2024:

The assessment of which projects receive funding is based on annual priorities. In 2020, NBM wants to prioritise applications for funding from Nordic projects relating to biodiversity and the climate. Applications that fall within the scope of NBM but outside of this year’s priority area may also be considered.

Priority for 2020 – biodiversity and climate efforts

Projects that are awarded funding must contribute to achieving the goal in section 5.3 Climate and Biodiversity in the Programme for Nordic Co-operation on the Environment and Climate 2019–2024.

In 2020, NBM will fund projects relating to biodiversity and the climate. Projects must help to ensure that consideration is given to biodiversity and ecosystem services in climate efforts.

NBM will prioritise projects that identify ways in which we can ensure a biodiversity perspective for nature and landscapes in connection with climate adaptation projects, as well as in projects that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Projects could, for example, develop methods, guidance and/or gather good examples in and/or experiences from the Nordic countries with regard to how climate measures and climate adaptation projects can be implemented while taking into account nature, biodiversity, and landscape interests. This includes proposals for promoting flora and fauna, and proposals for the design of concrete solutions in each country in the Nordic Region.

In addition, projects should aim to strengthen the knowledge and preparedness of public authorities in ensuring the integration of climate adaptation and biodiversity perspectives, including measures that can absorb carbon (carbon sinks) while having a positive effect on biodiversity and landscape interests.


Applications should be sent to by Monday 17 June 2019.

  • Attach a signed copy of the application in PDF format
  • A copy of the application in Word

The application must only contain the application form. By submitting an application, you consent to Umhvørvisstovan (The Environment Agency of the Faroe Islands) and the Nordic Council of Ministers processing the application and any personal data contained in the application electronically.

Who can apply?

Municipal, regional or national authorities, universities and colleges, research institutes, and other non-profit organisations may apply for funding. Although businesses may not be the main applicants and recipients of funding, they may, for example, be included as project participants, participate in the project group, or be a project performer on behalf of project owner.

Which countries can be included?

At least three Nordic countries must be represented in the project, or two Nordic countries if the third country is Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, or Russia. Additional countries may also participate in the project.

Funding is available in the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Åland.

What is NBM looking for when it processes applications?

In processing applications, NBM will look in particular at whether the project:

  • is well organised;
  • Is well rooted in national environmental and cultural heritage administrative bodies;
  • communicates project activities and results in an active and preferably innovative manner; and
  • is related to the Nordic countries’ input in international processes.


One-year or long-term projects

NBM only grants funding for one year at a time.

Funding is available for many things, but not everything

Project applications must not be for research grants. That type of application should be addressed to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ department for Education, Research and the Labour Market or directly to the Nordic institutions NordForsk or the Nordic Innovation Centre.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

  • NBM co-ordinator Sigga Jacobsen,, +298 234346
  • NBM chairperson Eva Juul Jensen,, +45 93587949

Please also read the funding guidelines relating to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ co-operation on the environment and climate:

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