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Funding opportunity: Arctic Co-operation Programme is open for applications

15.01.24 | Tukimahdollisuudet
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic Co-operation Programme “A Sustainable Arctic” is now open for applications until February 15, 2024.


Opportunity category
To, 2024/02/15 - 23:59
External organization
Ilisimatusarfik – Grønlands Universitet
Financial framework
500 000 DKK
Floating icebergs in the Arctic
Nikolaj Bock


The purpose of the Arctic Co-operation Programme is to support individuals, organizations and actors for the benefit of sustainable development in the Arctic. 

Conscious, systematic and continuous co-operation is required to ensure that development in the Arctic is based on peace, stability, protection, growth and prosperity The main objective of the 2022-2024 programme “A Sustainable Arctic” is to continue to focus on sustainable development.

As part of Our Vision 2030, the Nordic Council of Ministers is working on Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). The sustainable development goals help to steer the work on the Arctic Co-operation Programme 2022–2024, as reflected in the priorities below. At the same time, however, the programme has a clear link to Our Vision 2030 and its focus on the three elements of social sustainability, the environment and the economy.

The priorities are based on developments in relation to

  • Particular attention also will be paid to facilitating all of the work on these goals by means of PARTNERSHIPS.


Co-operation projects must first and foremost contribute to and assist in the implementation and development of the global sustainability agenda in the Arctic, with a view to achieving visible regional and local results. 

As a rule, co-operation projects must involve three Nordic countries. This partnership can also be supplemented with one or more non-Nordic countries – for example, one or more of the other Arctic states (Arctic states included in the Arctic Council), as long as the leading partner is from one of the Nordic countries. 

When assessing applications, the emphasis will be on whether the project:

  • Contributes to a green, competitive and socially sustainable Nordic Region in terms of achieving one or more of the 12 objectives set out in the Action Plan for Our Vision 2030
  • Leads to quantifiable positive effects from joint Nordic/Arctic solutions that could not be achieved by a project implemented purely at national level
  • Has visible regional and local results in the Arctic
  • Manifests and/or develops a sense of Nordic/Arctic cohesion
  • Enhances Nordic competences and competitiveness
  • Generates new and innovative knowledge and/or new partnerships that create new and innovative approaches to development in the Arctic
  • Takes into account the indigenous peoples and local communities' traditional knowledge 
  • Helps strengthen overall Nordic influence internationally
  • Publicises its results
  • Contributes to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ strategies that transcend sectors.


It is possible to apply for up to 500.000 DKK per year over a period of maximum 3 years.


The application process is administered by the Nordic Institute in Greenland (NAPA). The funds are awarded on the basis of the Nordic Council of Ministers' proposals and the recommendations of the Member States. The countries' recommendations are given by the Nordic Advisory Committee for the Arctic (NRKA).

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