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Webinar: Where are the boys in climate action? How to break the bubbles and join forces

28.08.24 | Tapahtuma
Iris Dager/
Young people are vital agents for a just green transition, but participation varies across social identities and backgrounds. Men and boys tend to be less interested in both sustainability and gender equality compared to women and girls. How can we strengthen the conscious and committed, while also bringing underrepresented voices to the table?


13:00 - 14:30

Nordregio invites you to a webinar that digs into the trends and patterns of youth engagement and commitment to climate action. What keeps boys and other underrepresented groups from getting involved – and what attracts them? How can we build inclusive and diverse movements? 

These are some of the questions that will be discussed by NIKK, Ungdomsbarometern and Nordic youth representatives. 

The event is organized by Nordregio and will be held in English and take place on Zoom. Link will be sent upon registration.

Programme & Speakers

  • Keynote & Q/A: Jessica Åkerström, Head of Insights and Analytics, Undomsbarometern (Youth Barometer) 
  • Keynote & Q/A: Jimmy Sand, Analyst and report author, NIKK (Nordic Information on Gender) 

    Comments and panel discussion: 

    • Silje Brekke Bakken, Political advisor, LNU (The Norwegian Children and Youth Council) 
    • Alva Danielsson, Movement coordinator, ReGeneration 2030 
    • More panelists TBA 
  • Moderator: Åsa Ström Hildestrand, Senior Project Manager, Nordregio