Open call: Initiatives on food policy by diplomatic missions

With this call the Nordic Food Policy Lab of the Nordic Council of Ministers aims to encourage Nordic diplomatic missions to work together and bring onboard food policy as a powerful tool for change in upcoming work or projects.

There is an increased demand for international exchanges with Nordic input and inspiration on what works when it comes to using the power of food to transform diets towards health and sustainability in line with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Apply to our open-call to accelerate initiatives on food policy for sustainability in your country or region.

Nordic diplomatic missions are uniquely positioned to deliver food initiatives that are grounded in local discussions while also bringing new approaches to the conversation.

First call on food policy

This is the first call by the Nordic Council of Ministers dedicated to advance international dialogues and activities around food policy. For Nordic embassies with experience in promoting Nordic gastronomy, the international demand for food-related solutions to global sustainability challenges provides an exciting opportunity to reach new audiences and deliver on the 2030 sustainability agenda.  

Strong Nordic backing

In the Nordic Prime ministers initiative Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges food policy has been selected as one of six key areas where the Nordics have a specific advantage and responsibility to share solutions with the world.  All food agencies in the Nordics have also added their backing to this diplomacy outreach as they see the need for more initiatives that can help promote solutions oriented food dialogues internationally. 

Events, policy workshops or network meetings  

Projects can take many different forms and we encourage you to think creatively. You can for example organise joint events or workshops that debate the relevance of certain innovative Nordic food policy solutions, or you can connect an initiative to an already existing event.

Other initiatives could be network meetings that connect food sustainability frontrunners and policymakers, communication campaigns aimed at raising a critical issue for the country/region or quite simply hosting a meeting to connect local actors to Nordic experiences in the area of food policy.

Local needs

We will prioritise applications that aim at mobilising around a current local need and that has the potential to lead to changes in the way food policy is discussed.

Country-level initiatives as well as larger regional initiatives (where several Nordic embassies go together) will be eligible.

Nordic Food Policy Lab looks forward to receiving your proposal for innovative Nordic food policy initiatives abroad!


Important information before you apply:

Criteria and selection process

Project applications must:

  • Describe a local interest/demand for the proposed project.
  • Highlight food policy solutions and communicate a strong Nordic story.
  • Involve at least three partners, where at least two represent embassies/consulates from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

We will prioritize projects that aim at:

  • Further developing Nordic food thinking in collaboration with local partners, thus making Nordic food policy solutions relevant for the future.
  • Sharing knowledge and creating new cooperation between Nordic countries and the countries/regions/cities in which the embassies/consulates are based
  • Discussing and/or spreading the story of the Nordic food policy-making approach.
Please note
  • This is a fast track that will help mobilise around a locally timely and relevant topic.
  • We appreciate applications where projects are delivered before June 30, 2020.  
  • Only Nordic diplomatic missions outside the Nordic Region may submit proposals.
  • The proposal must be written in English.
  • It is possible to apply up to 50.000 DKK (approximately 6700 EUR) from a pool of 300 000 DKK.
  • Proposals with co-funding that show local commitment will be prioritized.
  • If you plan to organise several smaller projects over time, we encourage you to apply early for a small project and then re-apply for the others.
  • You must submit a full proposal. It is not possible to save and return to it later.
  • Once you have submitted the proposal, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your proposal attached.
  • The Nordic Council of Ministers applies the EU regulations on procurement and state aid in the allocation of project funding.
Ongoing review of applications

Incoming proposals will be reviewed after the following rounds of submission deadlines:

  • 14 June               
  • 6 August         
  • 3 September  
  • 1 October
  • 2 December
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1. Pitch your food policy initiative


2. Food policy topics

Click the themes that your initiative primarily focus on:

3. Local interest and partnerships

4. Nordic dimensions and communication

5. Budget

Please note that if you have unused funds received from Nordic Council of Ministers, the surplus will need to be returned to Nordic Council of Ministers after completed project.
  • Production costs (consultancy fees, materials, etc.)
  • Communications costs (SoMe activities, PR campaign etc.)
  • Venue (incl. technical equipment)
  • Food
  • Guests/speakers (travel, accommodation)
  • Other costs, please specify

6. Evaluation

*We will offer a reporting framework to all projects which will include reporting on attendees, costs, outcomes etc.

7. Contact information

Please note that only Nordic diplomatic missions outside the Nordic region may submit proposals.
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Thank you for your contribution!