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Initiatives for cooperation among Nordic diplomatic missions to promote Our Vision 2030

20.01.22 | Fjármögnunarmöguleiki
Open Call opportunity for Nordic Embassies and Missions abroad to support co-operation and promoting Nordic interests in the world.


Kall eftir tillögum
Þri, 22/03/2022 - 23:59
50.000 – 250.000 DKK

The overall purpose of this call is to promote cooperation between Nordic representations in the world in line with The Nordic Council of Ministers vision and strategic priorities. Our vision is that the Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Applications should include activities to serve this purpose.

To fulfill the vision The Nordic Council of Ministers have established a set of strategies priorities. This means that all operations carried out by the Nordic Council of Ministers should be based upon the following perspectives:

  • A green Nordic region – together, we will promote a green transition of our societies and work towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular and bio-based economy.
  • A competitive Nordic region – together, we will promote green growth in the Nordic region based on knowledge, innovation, mobility and digital integration.
  • A socially sustainable Nordic region – together, we will promote an inclusive, equal and interconnected region with shared values and strengthened cultural exchange and welfare.

To apply for this, call your project must therefore incorporate one or more of these aspects in its preparation, objectivity and activities.  

Who can apply and how much and when?

Only Nordic embassies/diplomatic missions outside the Nordic region may apply. At least two Nordic embassies must be involved in the project. Nordic institutes can be involved as a partner. A maximum amount of DKK 250.000 can be applied for, and minimum DKK 50.000.

The Nordic Council of Ministers held an open call in spring 2022 with deadline the 22nd of March. Currently there is no open call for applications. Future calls will be announced in due time and our webpage will be updated accordingly.

Please note

The “Apply For Funding” button above is currently intentionally dysfunctional, as there are no open calls currently.


Any questions or concerns can directed to ambassadepuljen@norden.org