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Nordic Economic Policy Review 2020: Financial Regulation and Macroeconomic Stability

12.12.19 | Viðburður
In the early 2000s, it was widely believed that the world economy had entered a period of larger macroeconomic stability, the Great Moderation. But the global financial crisis in 2007-09, the subsequent Great Recession and the euro crisis provided a vivid illustration of how vulnerable today’s economies are to disturbances in financial markets. As a response, financial regulation and supervision have been strengthened worldwide.



Ministry of Finance
Mariankatu 9 /Mariegatan 9

10:00 - 17:00

This seminar on Financial Regulation and Macroeconomic Stability in the Nordics discusses how stable our financial markets are today and choices that Nordic policymakers in the fields of monetary and financial policy have to make. Leading Nordic academics present analyses of these issues that are to be published in the Nordic Economic Policy Review. The analyses will be commented by both academic experts and practitioners from central banks, ministries of finance and financial markets.

The seminar will address questions like:

  • How great are the risks of new financial shocks in the world economy?
  • How resilient is the Nordic financial sector against such shocks?
  • To what extent should monetary policy take credit growth and rising real estate prices into account?
  • How stringent macroprudential rules are needed to limit household debt?
  • Will EU bail-in rules help mitigate or will they exacerbate financial crises if they arise?
  • Which are the pros and cons of membership in the EU’s banking union?