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A synthesis of implementation of nature-based solutions in the Nordic countries

13.04.21 | Fjármögnunarmöguleiki
This synthesis is the first of five projects in the Nordic thematic programme on nature-based solutions. The report and communications materials will provide an in-depth report on current work on nature-based solutions in the Nordic countries, and a frame for the scientific basis of this work.


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Mon, 10/05/2021 - 23:59
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This will provide a basis for the development of further projects in this four-year programme on nature-based solutions in the Nordics. Knowledge-sharing and dissemination is an important aspect of the project. The synthesis will provide a catalogue of national and regional work on nature-based solutions including methods and mechanisms, the breadth of ecosystems and cost-benefit aspects along with a gap analysis. There are several reports and synthesis of knowledge about nature-based solutions already (contact coordinator for a list of examples). The purpose of this synthesis is to extract the most important aspects for the Nordic countries and their habitats, and to identify knowledge gaps in the current literature and experiences. Knowledge and gaps in socioeconomic evaluations should be included. A short evaluation of existing Nordic projects according to the IUCN global standard for nature-base solutions also useful in identifying potential areas for future improvement.


  • A synthesis that collates the most important aspects of nature-based solutions or the Nordic countries and their habitats, from all the existing literature on nature-based solutions and related activities.
  • Knowledge of work on socio-economic aspects such as cost-benefit analyses is part of the delivery.
  • A gap-analysis that identifies missing knowledge and experiences on methods, ecosystems and socio-economic aspects should be provided including a comparison with the IUCN global standard for nature-based solutions.
  • A short film and story maps, podcasts or similar communications describing naturebased solutions in the Nordics and how they can contribute to the sustainability goals for use on social media and events.
  • Fact-sheets and other communication material such as posters that may be useful at events and presentations such as conference of the parties.
  • The synthesis and summary can be delivered electronically and will be published on TemaNord. The Nordic project coordinator also coordinates the project’s communication plan.


Total budget: 2,7 mill DKK excluding Value Added Tax (1mill DKK 2021 and 1,7 mill DKK 2022 included communication video, podcast, factsheets etc.) The project is financed with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers and must have relevance and value for at least three of the Nordic countries and autonomous regions (Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands).