Þetta innihald er ekki til á því tungumáli sem þú hefur valið, því sýnum við innihaldið á Enska.

The Nordic Co-operation at Ungdommens Folkemøde NORD



The Nordic Council of Ministers will be present during Ungdommens Folkemøde NORD in Copenhagen 21-22 April. Through three events, we will highlight important issues for Nordic youth, including the Nordic identity and role, the war in Ukraine and violence in digital communities.

Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers Karen Ellemann and the Danish Minister for Cooperation Louise Schack Elholm will open the festival. 

Ungdommens Folkemøde NORD is a Nordic democracy festival taking place at URBAN 13 in Nørrebro on 21.-22. April where Nordic youth through workshops, creative expressions, and dialogue share experiences and inspiration across the region. For two days, decision makers, organizations, and activists will take on some of the democratic challenges of the Nordic region. The festival aims to strengthen the democratic self-confidence of Nordic youth and kickstart the social and cultural community of the Nordic region. The festival is free to enter, join us!

21.-22. April 

URBAN 13, Bispeengen 20, 2000 Frederiksberg


Friday 21.04. Kl. 16.30-17.15 - The Andrew Tate Effect: Is Cyber Violence Trending?

Join us as the Icelandic author, speaker and activist Thordis Elva and the Danish psychologist Stine Helding Rand will guide you through the dark corridors of gender-based violence online, and the dangers of it - both for women who are victims of this violence, but also for young men who are being targeted with this type of content. The event will be held in English.

Saturday 22.04. Kl. 14.00-14.45 - Women in War: How is the war in Ukraine affecting youth?

What is it like to be young during wartime? The war in Ukraine seen through the eyes of young women from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus who live in the Nordic region. Three women meet to share their stories and talk about how the war in Ukraine affects young people's lives and hopes for the future. They will shed light on special challenges for young people as a result of war, in addition to leading a dialogue on how we can all live peacefully together. The event will be held in English.

Saturday 22.04. Kl. 15.15-16.00 – The Nordic Youth Council: Why be young and Nordic?

Skam (the series), NATO and the Kalmar Union. Why be young and Nordic? Join the Nordic Youth Council and discuss Nordic culture and identity as well as the role of the Nordic region in the world - now and in the future.

Nordregio at Ungdommens Folkemøde NORD

Nordregio and the Sustainable Living project will also be present during the festival. Through funding from Sustainable Living, four youth organisations will participate and promote different aspects of sustainability during the event.

ReGeneration 2030

You have the power to fight for a better future!

We need collective youth power for system change, and ReGeneration 2030 will help you to find a role in the sustainability movement that suits you. Learn more about tangible actions and find out more about different youth sustainability organisations in different regions, and participate in creating an interactive artwork piece in the container to demonstrate your commitment to fighting climate change collectively.

Visit their container: Friday at 14-10 and Saturday at 13-19, Sustainability & Future theme area.

Listen to their talk: Friday, April 21, at 17-17.30, Sustainability & Future stage.


Tænketanken Frej

Can we on the one hand be climate heroes who lead the way and on the other hand, be some of those who burden the planet the most?

Tænketanken Frej focuses on food consumption and changes in food culture among young people. Is it really up to the individual to make a difference, or is it up to the system and political regulation to change the world? The panel debate on the stage engages several representatives and involves the audience.

In their container, you can pop by for legume bingo, taste plant-based drink options and get to know more about their climate footprint.

Visit their container: Friday at 14-10 and Saturday at 13-19, Wellbeing & Creativity theme area.

Listen to their talk: Friday, April 21, at 15.15-15.45, Wellbeing & Creativity stage.


Future Minds

Youth power – the world’s best chance to recover

Global partnerships are a key issue and perhaps the biggest wager for the sustainability of our time. The world needs transformative change, which can only become radical enough against the background of partnerships – it is what will dictate our and future generations’ “breakdown” or “breakthrough.” But to “leave no one behind,” we need to see more intergenerational fairness and solidarity and provide not only opportunities but real structures for the young to participate. In this interactive talk, we will investigate how we can strengthen the social contracts to produce results for a sustainable transformation while inviting the young without letting them bear the ultimate responsibility in our already uncertain future.

Listen to their talk: Saturday, April 22, at 16.30-17.00, Identity & Equality stage.


Nordic Pioneers

Nordic Pioneers will highlight the importance of youth engagement in civil society and democracy, and the importance of female representation in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Some of the Nordic Pioneers finalists from the past two years will also be present and bring up the creative solutions they have found to Nordic societal issues.

Visit their container: Friday at 14-10 and Saturday at 13-19, Identity & Equality theme area.

There are many more opportunities to participate and get involved in the programme for Ungdommens Folkemøde NORD. For more information, see the official website: