Chemical induced effects on the developing nervous and immune systems

Protection against the harmful effects of chemicals on the development of the nervous and immune system, through better use of already planned animal studies


Effects of chemicals on the developing brain and immune system are of high concern in the Nordic countries and EU. Since 2015, the Extended One Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study can be required under the REACH regulation, and if existing data shows specific concerns, tests for developmental neurotoxicity DNT and immunotoxicity DIT can be included. We considered that open literature may provide evidence to trigger DNT or DIT investigations. Search for information was performed for > 120 substances. Potentially relevant data was found for 40% of substances. Analysis of relatively few substances (19) for which the regulatory decision process has been finalized indicate limited impact of the data identified on triggering of DNT/DIT. Scientific and regulatory questions identified during this work are brought for the attention of the scientific communities and regulatory authorities.