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The main task of the Nordic-Baltic-Polish EU Information Group is to follow the work of the EU in the field of labour market policy, labour law, and working environment.


The purpose of the Nordic-Baltic-Polish EU Information Group is to exchange and discuss information and positions regarding ongoing EU-matters within the area of working life.


The Members of group represent the relevant ministries, i.e. Ministries of Labour/Employment or similar, of the five Nordic countries, the three Baltic States and Poland.


The Presidency of the group rotates according to the presidencies of the Nordic co-operation, i.e. each one of the Nordic countries holds the presidency for one year at a time.  


The Presidency and the group are assisted by a secretary. The mandate for the function of the secretary is enclosed.


The group meets 1-2 times per year mainly in Brussels in order to increase the possibility of participation of resource persons from the European Commission and other relevant EU-institutions as well as the labour attaches of the EU-representations.

The meetings take place at a venue selected by the Presidency and will be hosted by the Presidency.

The Presidency is responsible for a good preparation, implementation and follow-up of the meetings and is assisted by the secretary in the fulfillment of this responsibility. An important part of this is to ensure that invitations for the meetings are send at least one month prior to a meeting, that the group receives an agenda and the necessary enclosures at least two weeks before a meeting, that a draft resume is sent to the group no later than two weeks after a meeting, and that the final resume is sent to the group no later than one months after a meeting.


The agendas of the meetings will focus on the most important ongoing proposals of the European Commission - whether they are under preparation or being negotiated in the European Council and/or in the European Parliament – as well as the agenda of the next meeting of the European Council for employment and social affairs (EPSCO).


The Committee of Senior Officials on Working Life (EK-A) will grant the necessary funds to cover the expenditures of the secretary function. NCMS will sign a contract each year with the Ministry responsible for carrying out the secretary function.

The member states of the group will pay for travel and hotel expenses connected with the participation of their own Members in the meetings of the Group.


This mandate covers the period of 2013-15.