Aquaponics NOMA (Nordic Marine) – New Innovations for Sustainable Aquaculture in the Nordic Countries


The main objective of AQUAPONICS NOMA (Nordic Marine) was to establish innovation networks on coproduction of plants and fish (aquaponics), and thereby improve Nordic competitiveness in the marine & food sector. To achieve this, aquaponics production units were established in Iceland, Norway and Denmark, adapted to the local needs and regulations. Experiments were performed to investigate suitable fish and crop species for Nordic aquaponics in terms of growth, quality, effluents, temperature and nutrient balances. Further efforts have been made to optimize management practices and technologies in aquaponics, e.g. treatment of wastewater and solid wastes to protect the environment from pollution and pathogens. The project has designed commercial scale aquaponics production models for the Nordic region, and investigated consumer market potentials including the possibility for Eco-labeling. The study has demonstrated that aquaponics may be a viable component in Nordic food production, both at small scale (urban aquaponics) and in large scale combinations of agri- and aquaculture. The results have been and will be disseminated to the public and to the scientific community.