Workshop Report HBM4EU

Nordic workshop for scientists and regulatory agencies discussing HBM4EU - the European human biomonitoring initiative


The aim of the workshop was to bring together scientists and regulatory specialist from the Nordic countries to discuss priority setting of which substances to include in the biomonitoring programs and promote the communication between scientists and authorities regarding use of HBM data in a regulatory context (e.g. REACH). Discussions during the workshop will provide the basis for moving forward in future Nordic collaboration and contribution to HBM4EU. The prioritization of substances should be made with the concern of toxicity, exposure and persistency in mind. The substances or groups of substances that the participants find to be most important in the HBM4EU is additional metals, triclosan, nanomaterials, microplastics, poly- and perfluorinated substances, chemical UV-filters, pesticides, phosphorous containing flame retardants, organophosphates, preservatives and particles.