Application form for Nordic Talks 2024

Do you have an idea for a Nordic Talk, an idea that can help place the Nordics in the minds of the world? Then apply here.

Make us fall in love with your Nordic project!

What is Nordic Talks?

Nordic Talks is a series of live talks addressing the biggest global challenges. Through conversations with some of the brightest minds in the Nordics and their counterparts from around the world we want to inspire each other to act – for a better, more sustainable future.

Nordic Talks is designed to provide a space for contemplation and to share inspiration on how to take action on sustainability issues in our everyday lives. All Nordic Talks are dedicated to addressing the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and all talks provide specific ideas on how we as citizens can take concrete action starting today. A Nordic Talk can take place anywhere in the world and anyone with a good idea for a talk can apply for funding. We welcome both online and offline events, and encourage both independently organised talks as well as plug-ins to existing events, such as festivals or conferences.

Now it's your turn to host the next Nordic Talk. So check out past Nordic Talks events and listen to the Nordic Talks podcast to get your inspiration flowing. And please read the Nordic Talks Handbook for a full concept description.

Important: We no longer require you to send us audio files from your Nordic Talks, which was a previous requirement. However, if you wish to have your event transformed into a podcast, we still offer this option. Please indicate in your application if you intend to send us the audio files, as we have additional protocols to follow in such cases. Furthermore, sending us the audio files does not guarantee that your event will be turned into a podcast.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for creative, thought-provoking and inspiring projects. Projects that will carry dialogues across oceans and address solutions to the biggest global challenges we are facing. Our four dogmas (see 'What do we expect?') form the backbone of any Nordic Talk, therefore being able to check off all these four dogmas is a good start. 

The four dogmas

Dogma #1: The Nordics in dialogue with the rest of the world 

A Nordic Talk is a conversation between at least one Nordic citizen and at least one speaker holding a passport from outside the Nordic region. By bringing together people from around the world with different perspectives, we ensure curious conversations in which we exchange thoughts and ideas.

Dogma #2: Facilitate dialogue

Nordic Talks is about starting conversations, not monologues. We believe that action and inspiration thrive in a setting that facilitates an open and curious conversation. Lectures and PowerPoint presentations should be saved for another time.

Dogma #3: Address the Sustainable Development Goals 

Both the topic and the event must reflect the SDGs and their message. We want to inspire action and should lead by example. Think about this when choosing your venue, transportation, catering and before you print marketing material.

Dogma #4: Inspire to act!

How can we act on this issue? Your talk must provide the audience with tangible actions that they can implement in their daily lives starting right now.

What do we fund?

If you have the right project in mind and can see a potential in integrating Nordic Talks as part of your project, we can help fund your project and get your message out to the masses.

You can apply for three different grants: Small (100.000 DKK), Medium (200.000 DKK) or Large (400.000 DKK).
If you apply for a medium or a large grant, please note that you need to co-finance at least 50% of your project. 
For example, if you apply for a medium grant (200.000 DKK), you need to be able to come up with a minimum of 200.000 DKK either from your own pocket or from other grants.

See our handbook for further information on the three different grants.

The total financial framework for this Open Call is DKK 2 million. 

Who can apply?

The short answer to this is; everyone. As long as you meet the criteria we have put forth.
Previously we have had Nordic diplomatic missions abroad, NGOs, universities, companies, networks, and so on. However we like to think outside the box and therefore welcome all creative minds. 

If you apply for a medium or large grant, you will need at least one Nordic embassy outside of the Nordic region to be your project partner, if you, as an applicant, are not a Nordic embassy outside of the Nordic region yourself.  


1st August 2024, at 12 pm. 

You can expect to get an answer in week 34 (19-23 August 2024). 

* Please make sure to apply well before your planned project takes place, as the administrative tasks can take some time. 

Project Period

The project needs to be completed by Q4 in 2025. 

Application Process

Applicants must submit the application form and budget by using the application form on, on time, and in accordance with the instructions. The related appendices and supporting documents must be attached. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications must be written in English or one of the Scandinavian languages (DK, SE, NO). A working group at Nordic Council of Ministers will process the applications.

Applications for projects that may be considered for funding might be contacted by the Nordic Council of Ministers to discuss possible adjustments to the project.

All applicants will be contacted directly with an approval or rejection of the application within a month from the last application date.


If the application is not approved:

We thank you for your application, and if you are still interested in using the Nordic Talks format, just contact us and we will support you in other ways than financially. 

If the application is approved:

  • Applicants must confirm the following no later than 1 week after approval: Bank information (Bank verification letter) and project manager.
  • Thereafter, we will forward a draft contract, which normally takes approximately one month from the approval of the bank information.

Changes regarding your project

Significant changes in your project, in relation to the application submitted, must be approved in advance by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

You should also contact us if you pass formal responsibility for the project to any other party or parties, and if the project manager is replaced.


  • Funding will be paid in two instalments: 85 % after signing the contract, and 15 % when Nordic Council of Ministers has received and approved the projects final reports. These must be submitted and uploaded via the project portal. Please note that you must request the first instalment strictly no later than the project completion date.
  • Please note that the transfer of the payments can take up to 30 working days from approval. 
  • All income and expenses for the entire project must be clearly stated in the accounts. The accounts must be signed by the project leader. All funding is allocated in Danish Kroner (DKK) and must be presented in DKK in the financial reports.
Important notes

1. We no longer require you to send us audio files from your event, which was a previous requirement. However, if you wish to have your event transformed into a podcast, we still offer this option. Please indicate in your application if you intend to send us the audio files, as we have additional protocols to follow in such cases. Sending us the audio files does not guarantee that your event will be turned into a podcast.

2. We advise you to look at the attached .pdf: "NordicTalks questions - not formal application" to see all questions before you start the application process, as there will be no option to save the application and then come back to complete it.
We only accept applications via the official form and not through this sheet.

3. To see the budget template before starting the application process, see the attached excel "Budget template" below. 

4. Make sure that you are updated on the Nordic Council of Ministers terms and conditions for standard agreements, as well as budget and administration guidelines for project grants (see links below). 

  • Nuvarande Applicant
  • Project Information
  • Formal Requirements
  • Confirmation
  • Slutförd


Nordic Talks size (please make sure your Nordic Talk meets the requirements)
(DKK 100.000)
(DKK 200.000)
(DKK 400.000)
Will the Nordic talk be a
Is it a
Is this a
Will you be sending audio files from your events?
Participating countries
Minimum 3 Nordic countries, alternatively 2 Nordic countries + min. 1 non-Nordic country. (This does not apply to small projects)