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Figures and Statistics

Facts and statistics about the Nordic Region and the Nordic countries

Photographer Jansson

Nordic statistical bank

Freely accessible database with statistics which allow you to compare the Nordic countries based on a number of parameters and over time.

Nordic statistical bank

Nordic Statistical Yearbook

In addition to the above mentioned database the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers publish an annual book with selected figures and data.

Read more about the Nordic Statistical Yearbook

Download the book for free

Nordic Indicators for Sustainable Development

The Nordic indicators for sustainable development show long-term trends in the following focus areas: the Nordic welfare model; viable ecosystems; changing climate; sustainable use of the earth's resources; and education, research and innovation.  The website also gives you free access to the Nordic Statistical Bank where you can download data and create graphics for your own analyses.

Nordic Indicators for Sustainable Development

National statistics offices

The national statistics offices are good resources for further factual information on the Nordic countries and areas.

Denmark: Statistics Denmark

Finland: Statistics Finland

The Faroe Islands: Statistics Faroe Islands

Greenland: Statistics Greenland

Iceland: Statistics Iceland

Norway: Statistics Norway

Sweden: Statistics Sweden

Åland: Statistics and Research Åland


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